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welcome to the family

Clark Family Medicine is excited to provide Direct Primary Care to the Pocatello, Idaho area. We care deeply about helping people, but found that the traditional models of healthcare don't do that. The purpose of my practice is to be there for patients when they are sick, but also to improve their health and well-being long-term.

We provide better, more affordable medical care while cultivating personal relationships with our patients and devoting time to their individual needs. By doing so, patients will enjoy a more fulfilling lifestyle.


Dr. Sharla Clark is a skilled physician who delivers comprehensive care.


I offer everything from preventative care for all ages to urgent care needs and sick visits. Being an osteopathic physician, I also can offer manipulation to all of my patients. 


I am able to provide most services except OB care including preventative care, contraceptive management (including IUD), and most simple procedures. 


As a member of Clark Family Medicine, you will be eligible for discounts on aesthetic services.

Meet Dr. Clark

My husband and I met when we were at BYU and were married the year I started medical school. We have three children who are getting more exciting by the day! I love playing the piano, tennis, biking, snow skiing, traveling and all things summer. Bring the heat!

My Story


Medical School

Doctor of Osteopathy

I attended Touro University Nevada College of Osteopathic Medicine.  People often get confused that I am a doctor of osteopathy (DO) and not an MD. A DO can become any specialty of physician there is. The philosophy of osteopathy enhances a primary care physicians skills because it focuses on the patient as a whole. My education was truly focused on creating lasting relationships with my patients and creating a passion for preventative healthcare. 


Graduated ISU

Family Residency

I graduated from ISU Family Medicine Residency in Pocatello, ID where I had a comprehensive full spectrum family medicine education that only enhanced my passion for creating health and long-term well-being for my patients. I served as chief resident during my third year of residency. 


Clark Family Medicine

Direct Primary Care

During my years in traditional medicine, I have served on various committees and truly tried to advocate for improved patient care. I have found that because of the way our current medical system works, there are so many administrative tasks to complete which adds to overhead and takes away from the patient. I have continued to grow my knowledge in all areas of medicine. I specifically find myself enjoying helping people find wellness in different stages of their lives. 


put the CARE, back in healthcare

Check in for updates on services, medicare and other news from Clark Family Medicine.

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