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Clark Family Medicine Updates

Direct Primary Care is a new, affordable model of healthcare designed to prioritize better patient relationships and well-being.



welcome to the team

We are so excited to be adding additional members of our team!

Alicia Jorgensen is a dedicated Family Nurse Practitioner with a passion for providing high-quality, patient-centered care. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Brigham Young University-Idaho in 2017. Following her graduation, Alicia began her nursing career at Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center, where she primarily worked in the pediatric unit.

In her pursuit of advanced practice, Alicia attended Simmons University, graduating with honors in 2023 as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Her experience includes working in a bustling urgent care setting, where she treated patients of all ages and managed a variety of health conditions. Alicia is committed to advocating for her patients and ensuring they receive the best care possible.

Originally from Pocatello, Alicia and her husband have lived in vibrant cities such as Chicago and Miami but are thrilled to have returned to Southeast Idaho, which they now proudly call their forever home. They have three energetic children who keep them on their toes. In her free time, Alicia enjoys playing volleyball, exercising, traveling, baking, and spending time outdoors with her family.


modern medicine

This newer model of healthcare allows patients to have direct access to their primary care physician through a monthly membership. Doctors only take a limited number of patients and therefore will have more time to spend with patients compared with a traditional practice allowing for a more personal relationship. 

By simplifying the process to receive care and reducing unpredictable expenses the patient has an incentive to reach out early when they have a problem. In addition, the doctor has the incentive, not just to get the patient into the clinic, but to help them be healthy.

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