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Clark Family Medicine Updates

Direct Primary Care is a new, affordable model of healthcare designed to prioritize better patient relationships and well-being.



clark medical cosmetics

We are excited to introduce Clark Medical Cosmetics! We are offering the latest technology in aesthetic medicine. We are also excited to announce our new womens health vaginal rejuvenation treatments! Visit our website to learn more and to schedule an appointment. All members of Clark Family Medicine will get discounted services.


modern medicine

This newer model of healthcare allows patients to have direct access to their primary care physician through a monthly membership. Doctors only take a limited number of patients and therefore will have more time to spend with patients compared with a traditional practice allowing for a more personal relationship. 

By simplifying the process to receive care and reducing unpredictable expenses the patient has an incentive to reach out early when they have a problem. In addition, the doctor has the incentive, not just to get the patient into the clinic, but to help them be healthy.

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